Womens Luxury Wallet

  • $19.99


Our Luxurious Fabric Wallets are high quality and made with the best possible material. Every wallet is completely new and comes in three vibrant colors. This fashionable yet elegant wallet is the perfect accent to any formal outfit. 


  • A vintage wallet pattern design 
  • Contains multiple sturdy pockets to easily carry cards and cash
  • Fashionable, Comfortable, and made out of durable high-quality material
  • Made out of Polyester Urethane 
  • A petite size of 4x9x19 centimeters 
  • A zipper pocket which seals the wallet and its contents from the elements 
  • Casual style wallets developed by MEETSELF 
  • Comes in vibrant colors including yellow, blue, and black 
  • 1x Luxurious Wallet for each order