Waterproof Military Tactical Hiking Bag

  • $75.00
  • Save $25.80


Every Waterproof Military Tactical Hiking Back is made with high quality, durable, and completely waterproof material. Each lightweight backpack is perfect for outdoor sports and recreation. Our backpacks have the capacity to store between 50L and 70L inside.


  • Contains multiple sturdy pockets to easily store necessities 
  • Fashionable, Comfortable, and made out of durable high-quality material
  • Made out of Nylon material 
  • Useful and spacious size of 50x38x30 centimeters 
  • Molle System Style Backpack, durable in harsh terrain and environments 
  • Classy colors including brown, pink, gray, and black 
  • 1x Waterproof Military Tactical Hiking Bag for each order